You have big ideas.  Lots of them. 
Stop spinning and start moving forward.  

I believe you have enough TIME to do what is important.   
We often tell ourselves we don't have time.  But I don't believe that.  I think that we will make time for the things that are priorities in our lives.  And by letting go of the guilt and obligation that comes with things we don't actually want to do, we can realize that time is actually on our side. 

I believe the numbers don't lie.
Using numbers in your business and personal life is a powerful way to affect behaviors that will help you achieve your goals.  I love to help people figure our what the key things are they should measure.  

I live in a world of grey, seeing many sides to a story, a wide spectrum of what is.  That is why I often love the security and definitive nature of numbers.  Powerful for individuals and teams, numbers help to create a clear and honest picture of how things are going.

You're here so you must be curious, what are the ways we can work together?


Community and Group Support

I am a people person.  I love connecting with you and knowing about your business.  I've created two FREE ways for us to connect and belong to an amazing group of parent entrepreneurs. 

#1 rule of business: Don't do this alone!! Running a business is tough some days.  Find people who get you!

Facebook Group
Join my Facebook Community -> The Parent First Project
You can post questions, celebrate wins and get feedback from other knowledgeable parent entrepreneurs.

As one member posted recently:
"Yesterday I shared some struggles and I got some really loving and amazing support and feedback.... I don’t believe I would have come to this {realization} if it was not for the support and words I received yesterday"

Monthly Masterclass
Each month I'll dig into a new topic that will help you create a successful business.  They are always free and virtual on Zoom.

Masterclass: Take Your Business To the Next Level; What You Need to Know

coming soon

One on One Coaching

As one client said "Danielle is wonderful, shoots straight, and has been a huge part of the exciting steps we are making toward more exceptional client service and efficient operations. I really value her insight and sincerity."

I absolutely love working one-on-one with people to create the business that is aligned with the life they want.   

After working with me clients say they feel less stress, are managing their time better and are more effective in what they do.  

We can get you there too. 

I offer one on one work in three ways:  

Danielle Ewalt Final 003.jpg

Power Hour

Intended for those who need to deep dive into 1 topic for 60 minutes.  You don't need ongoing coaching, just a quick call to create a plan for one issue / idea. 
Cost:  $247

Strategy Session


In 4 hours we take a high level view of your business and then deep dive to map out a 90 day plan of the most important things you need to do to move your business forward. 

Prep Call: I will have a 30 minute chat before our session so I have an understanding of your business and where you are at.   

Plan in Hand: You will walk away confident, with clarity and ready to kick some ass with a plan in hand.  I will type up notes from the day that include the goals we set along with the breakdown of how you plan to achieve the goals. 

Check In Call: We will have one 30 minute follow up within two weeks of the session. 

Cost: Starts at $995

6 Month Coaching

Strategy session: Every quarter (every 3 months!) we will have a 4 hour strategy session to really dig into where you're at in your business and personal life.  We will create a powerful plan to the coming 90 days to get you to achieving your goals. 

Techie side:  I will type up our notes from each meeting and I use Trello with all my clients to keep them moving forward.   Don't worry, it is super simple and most have found it to be a very powerful tool to keep all those ideas and goals organized.   

Ongoing support:  We will have a 60 minute call every other week. That gives you enough time to implement the action items we talk about each week.  In these meetings we always follow up with the action items you had from the last week.  I am here to help hold you accountable to yourself.  And I am ready to dig in and help with my bag full of tools when roadblocks come up.  

Time in between:  You will have access to me outside of our meeting times via text, email, and phone.  I will never leave you hanging.  When you are my client I want you to feel supported. 

One on one coaching is a fairly intimate relationship.  I only work with people that I believe in 110% 
A huge part of the success in a coaching relationship is finding the right fit for both parties.  

If you're still reading, I'd love to have a conversation and see if we may be the right fit for each other.  

Cost: Starting at $1250/month

Parent First Project

Two times a year I gift 30 parents a coaching session and open up 10 slots into my Parent First Coaching Program.  It is financially more accessible with a shorter commitment, but still offers one on one guidance.   This 3 month program is closed now and will launch again sometime in February. 

Cost: Starting at $750/month
To be the first to know join our waitlist here: 

Work with your team


Many founders I work with are sitting on a goldmine and don't know how to use their most valuable resource, their team. 

The most powerful thing you can do is bring key members of your team to the table and include them in the planning and decision making.  

This sounds great, but when executed poorly, this can go terribly wrong.  Enter..... neutral third party.  I love to help bring the owners and employees together to create a powerful to achieve a shared vision.   

Add in tools to help you lead and manage better and the framework to actually hold everyone accountable and magic can happen! 

I offer both Full Day Team Planning sessions as well as ongoing coaching with founders and their teams.  Each plan is a little different depending on your teams needs.  Let's talk about what you're looking for.  

Cost: starts at $3000 - custom built