The Parent First Project -
Giving Parent Entrepreneurs the support they need to grow
their business and find happiness in their life.


Have you ever felt like....

  • Other entrepreneurs you know have no clue about all the things you deal with raising little humans in addition to running your business
  • The coaches, mentors and groups you're a part of offer some great business support, but they just don't understand all the others things you deal with in your life as a parent
  • Others think you need to choose between parenthood and entrepreneurship (Tip: you don't!)
  • You have no boundaries....... with anything. 
  • You want to do more self care but are constantly find yourself filling the needs of your business and family first
  • You never have enough TIME and are always falling short.... on everything 
  • You didn't have time to PLAN for your business, even though you know you "should" 
  • You get overwhelmed by all the things you want to do and feel like you can't choose what the best path is


What would happen if you found

support for your business and life in one place?

    Imagine if….

    • You found your tribe of other ambitious, parent entrepreneurs. (goodbye isolation!)
    • You were part of a program that didn't just teach you things, but supported you to actually implement them along the way
    • You were part of a program that acknowledge and was even tailored to parent entrepreneurs
    • We helped you create a clear plan to grow you business and to take steps to be happier in your life
    • you start each day, week and quarter knowing exactly what actions to take to move your business forward.
    • We held you accountable to showing up and doing your best work (with empathy of all the other stresses and obligations you carry).
    • You had clarity on what was important and what you could let go of, in your business and life
    • You were part of business community that also supported you to become a better, more fulfilled person and parent
    • There was a safe space where you are comfortable to share the challenges you face in parenting and growing your business.
    • You had a place that celebrated all your wins alongside you
    • You had enough time to create actual transformation in your business and life while being supported

    What happens when I click the red button? 
    - you're taken to my scheduling link
    - you choose a time to talk to me
    - we find out if this program is right for you
     No pressure, no cash exchange, just a chat
    I want to curate the right people, who are the right fit, to be part of the program

    Untitled design (10).png

    The Parent First Project is for you if….

    • You run your own business and are also a parent with children middle school or younger.
    • You love your work and what you do fulfills you
    • In an ideal life, you’d work 20 - 35 hours per week and have ample time for yourself and your family ( I said ideal… let’s get you there!)
    • You want to be supported by a group of people in the same stage of life as you.
    • You feel like time is a huge challenge for you and you’d like help reclaiming it and managing it better
    • You want help creating a clear plan of how to move your business forward
    • You want to do more self care but constantly find yourself filling the needs of your business and family first
    • You crave accountability to do the things you say you want to
    • You struggle with boundaries in business, relationship, and personal life


    In case we are just starting to get to know each other....


    Hi! I'm Danielle.  I've been an entrepreneur for 11 years and a parent for 7.  My three kids are 7, 5, and 2.  When I talk about building a community of people who understand what you're going through, I'm right there with you. 

    I owned a cafe and coffee roastery in the Midwest with my husband for 8 years.  In that time we grew it from being a small coffee shop, to a regional roaster with over 20 employees.  We had a cafe, wholesale division and online business and worked ridiculously hard to figure out how to run a profitable company. 

    I struggled for years of how to do this parenting things while growing a business.  I felt isolated and alone.  No one understood both my drive to grow my company and my desire to be a great parent.   

    We sold that business in 2015 and I have now grown a successful service based business and my husband is the founder of a Tech Startup that provides software to coffee roasters.  

    Needless to say, I have firsthand expereience in many types of business in addition to learning about all of the other businesses my clients have.  I bring all this experience and pocket full of tools and tips to everything I do. 

    I have created the Parent First Project group program after interviewing over 35 other parents and talking about what they have challenges with, and what they would want and need to grow their business and feel more fulfilled as parents and personally. 

    What you'll experience in the Parent First Project

    The core:

    • A YEAR of support, community and guidance from an intimate group of no more than 20 people
      • PFP begins Mid January 2018 and runs through mid December 2018
    • Quarterly Planning sessions  - how to create a 90 day plan
    • 2 - Two Day Retreats -
      March 16/ 17  and September 28/ 29
      Full Days, In Portland 9 - 5
      Come together, in person.  Dig into high level planning for your business - create the space for the big ideas to come.  Connect with others.  Guest speakers and collaboration time
      (And a happy hour after where spouses are welcome)
    •  Accountability groups - you will be place in a small group of 4-5 people for group coaching and accountability. You will meet every other week with this group.
    • Private facebook group. 
    • End of Year Party and Wrap - December 10th

    The cherries on top:

    • Adventure days - there will be at least two adventure days through out the year where were explore, get outside and have fun

    • Action Days - (two during the year) no more consuming of information.  Let's get to work.  We will get together, declare what we want to work on / accomplish during the time.  I will be there to answer questions and will have a guest expert (think website person, copy writer, or social media person) there to give a quick lesson and help people on the days' theme.  

    • Family Pot lucks (a few throughout the year) - we will bring our families together over food and fun.  


    The Cost

    1 payment.png


    * Best Deal *

    1 payment (1).png

    11 pmts of $650 

    *Most Popular *

    1 payment (2).png

    11 Payments of $997
    Or  1 pmt of $10,000

    * most personalized support *

    This isn't for you if...

    • You're in direct sales (nothing against direct sales, I love me some DoTerra Oils and Beauty Counter Makeup, but this program is not designed for those in direct sales companies)
    • You struggle financially to cover your family's basic needs
    • You are looking for the "secret" or "4 easy steps to six figures"
    • You can't commit the time to attend the accountability circles or the 2 in person retreats, this isn't for you. 
    • You view your business as a side hobby, this isn't for you.  
    • You aren't open to trying new things and changing your mindset



    What if I don't live in Portland?

    Great question.   I designed the program that if you can still get immense value if you can commit to attending the accountability group sessions (already virtual) and can commit to coming to Portland for the March and September in person retreats.  Many of the other events will be accessible virtually.  

    Why is it a year long?

    I designed this program specifically for parents.  That means that I understand the timelines we face may not be as accelerated as those without kids.  I want you to expereience true transformation in yourself and you business and I think a year is a perfect amount of time to be able to expereience this knowing there will me many things that come up along the way. 

    What if I have a large company, is this right for me?


    What if I'm a solopreneur, is this right for me?

    Is this for just moms?  Or moms and dads?