There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.
— Sue Atkins
Me and the fam, on our first hike with no whines.  It only took 7 years.  

Me and the fam, on our first hike with no whines.  It only took 7 years.  

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The Parent First Project

Parenting is an intense, full time job.  And if you are an entrepreneur in addition to being a parent, you are part of a special (mildly crazy) group of people.  Welcome to the club.  

A fellow entrepreneur/parent friend recently posed the question:

“Can an entrepreneur {without a family}  really understand and support me when I struggle to simply make time to pee? Can they understand the struggle to even eat breakfast in the morning because I have spent the first 2 hours of my day dealing with everybody's needs but my own?”

We were surrounded by a group of other entrepreneurs whom we love, but none of them had families and many didn’t have partners.   Life for them was... um... different than ours.  

The reality of running a business while also parenting poses more challenges than I have time to list.  And if you’re reading this, you’re probably nodding your head cuz YOU GET IT.

I absolutely love the business coaching and strategy work I do (and I'm really great at it)!  But recently I’ve felt a tug, a whisper and an unrest.  I want to talk about the whole picture of life. The you as a business owner, you as a person and you as a parent.  

I think there is something here and I'm excited to explore it.  I want to hear how you are feeling about integrating these different parts of your life. What do you need to feel really supported to not just grow your business but to be happy and fulfilled in your life?  

Is it just me feeling this unrest or are there others who want to talk about our business and lives in this more holistic view? 

The Parent First Project is my first step to explore, get curious and hear how you are feeling.  I would love a 1 hour conversation with you to hear your experience combining two all consuming worlds of parenting and entrepreneurship.  

If you are interested, you can schedule a time below.  And if you're curious to hear more of what this is about, read on.

Why am I doing this?  Where is this coming from?

Over the past three years I have spent an incredible amount of time creating a life and business that fulfills me on three levels.

  • As a Parent (Yes, I have three kids under the age of 7)
  • As a Person (Yes, I have my own identity, not just a wife, mom, business owner)
  • As an Entrepreneur (I wouldn’t have it any other way)

As parent entrepreneurs our personal and business lives are very intertwined.  We can’t compartmentalize and separate the two.  And true fulfillment and happiness come when we take a holistic approach to building a life that we love on all fronts. 

But I wasn’t always this way.  When I owned and ran my cafe and coffee roaster I was all hustle.  I thought the only way forward was to work more.  I wasn’t very happy personally.  I had set lofty business goals and figured that once I reached them, that was the promised land.  All would be good, finally.   

Only it wasn’t.  We did grow the business and reach those big goals but I looked around and found I wasn’t happy.   I realized that I was so busy building my business that I didn’t check in with myself and really ask - is the business you’re building going to support the life you want?

I have spent so much time reflecting on my last decade of entrepreneurship, parenting and personal development (or lack of) that a lot of realizations, shifts and Ah-has have come up.

I love business strategy and I want to work with people who face the challenge of running their business while parenting and still consciously trying to find fulfillment in #allthethings.  

There are so many unique challenges parents face and I’m running head first into many of them while I do this in my life.   Are you facing similar challenges?  What is the hardest part for you?

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For those who want more details, keep reading :)

The Parent First Project

The Parent First Project is NOT about

My way…
Though I have three kids and there are two entrepreneurs under one roof (my hubs has a tech startup), what works for me may not be the answer for you.  This isn’t about “my way” or me having the answers. This is about offering options, support and community from a place of empathy and encouragement (and  a bag of tricks I carry around with me).  Life is an experiment and we all have to find what works for us, our business and our family.

Strategy first….
The project is about talking about where YOU’RE at.  What is going on in your life and business.  What do you wish for in the coming 6 months, year, 5 years.  What is your vision for living a full life where you are fulfilled!  Strategy is so important but that comes after a real discussion about what it is you want.  You don’t want to look up at the end of all the work and realize you're at a destination you don't want to be at (cuz I did this….).   

How hard it is....
Let me make this clear, I hate complainers and complaining.  Yes, parenting and running a business pose some very unique challenges. BUT YOU CHOSE THIS.  So please, don’t come to me thinking we’re going to have a pity party about how no one understands what we’re dealing with.  I like to focus on the freedom this business affords me.  So let’s talk shop about gratitude for this crazy journey.  


The Parent First Project IS:

An exploration
Of what it means to you to be an entrepreneur and a parent.  Why do you do this? Where are your struggles.  What does this look like in real life.

A Reflection
What things do you do, “just because.”  How could you do things differently to feel more fulfilled on your own terms.  Sometimes we have blinders on and need others to reflect our own self imposed limitations.  

A Question
What does a fulfilled life mean to you and your family?  How can you create a business that supports a fulfilled life on your terms?  What would that look like and what might need to shift?

The Parent First Project

Your 60 minute conversation is an invitation to to step outside of the weeds of your day to day (and if your weeds are anything like mine, they’re thick and unruly) and take a high level look at your life, business and desires.  

I will share my experiences and expertise as we talk about what a fulfilled life and business may look like for you.  

I don't know where this is going to lead.  I hope somewhere amazing but the truth is, it may just be a bunch of great chats and I make a few new friends. But in the end,  I will share with you what I learn after I complete the conversations with all 30 people.  

  1. I'm looking to speak with 30 people in the next 45 days.

  2. We will connect for 60 minutes, either in person (at Guilder Coffee shop in NE Portland) or over the phone.

  3. In our conversation you will have the space to think of how want your business to be structured that serves you and your family best.   This meeting may challenge and stretch your idea of what can unfold if you allow it.  

  4. After I complete this I will let everyone know a summary and some highlights of what I learned from everyone.  

Become part of the Parent First Project

If you are interested in becoming part of the Parent First Project please click this link to schedule a time for us to talk.  I look forward to opening up the conversation and hear about your expereience combining the chaotic worlds of parenting and entrepreneurship.

You’ll get an email confirmation and directions to follow.  

If you know someone you think should be a part of this, please forward this page on.  I look forward to connecting with more parents!

A recent parenting win when all three fell asleep at the same time after a full day of fun.  I know you get how awesome this is as a parent ;)   And sometimes we need to share our wins with those who "get it"

A recent parenting win when all three fell asleep at the same time after a full day of fun.  I know you get how awesome this is as a parent ;)   And sometimes we need to share our wins with those who "get it"