Building a great business is only PART of the plan.

You thought growing a business and raising a family at the same time was a good idea.  Me too.  

Welcome to the crazy club.  Wimps need not apply.  

Here, we're all a little bit crazy, I'll call it our competitive advantage.  I live in a two entrepreneur household with three kids under the age of seven. It's organized chaos.

I will help you master your time, and create a successful business that works for you and your family.  I've been in your shoes.  

Looking for Community? 

Growing a business and a family at the same time can feel isolating. Are you the only entrepreneur who deals with school schedules, sick kids and constantly interrupted sleep?! You've got big Ideas and big responsibilities. You've found your people. We share your challenges.  Welcome to the the club.  Join our private Facebook group. 

Need focused attention?

You're needing support from someone who's been in your shoes.  I'll help you create a clear vision of where you want to go, layout the strategy to get get you there and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.  I'm nuts and bolts and hearts and hugs.  Cuz sometimes you need a little bit of both to keep on going. 

Need help with your team?

Sometimes managing staff can feel like parenting more kids.  I promise we can shift them from unruly teenager to contributing adult children.  (Hint, it's all in the parenting).  I love working with teams to create a shared vision and teaching them the structure to achieve their goals.  You'll become a better manager and leader in the end. 

Featured In...

“ Working with Danielle has really helped me create a more profitable company, and the best part is I am less stressed and more focused.”

-Jenn D. 
JLDesigns Inc.




Danielle Ewalt is the real deal. With her firsthand experience in being a business owner, I felt an inherent trust in her guidance with my business. Danielle is a visionary, strategic expert, and leads in a warm, fun and enjoyable way. She has a contagious joy, and offers strategic simplicity with the backbone of accountability.”
— Jennifer Alyse, Photographer and Entrepreneur