A baby bottle full of dirty water, alive with bacteria that could kill a child.

This was an image I saw while listening to Scott Harris talk about his organization, charity: water.  I was moved to tears numerous times during his 45 minute talk that spoke about the conditions that people around the world face when they do not have access to clean water.  

As a mother of three young kids, that image of the bottle full of dirty water hit close to home.  But I have no idea what it is like to not have access to clean drinking water.  My heart broke. I felt guilty for all I take for granted. 

During this moving talk, I learned that every day, about 1,400 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Clean WATER.  All I could think about is how foundational this is: cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing. Water is essential to life. And dirty, contaminated water can mean sickness and death.  

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are simple solutions like drilled wells, spring protections and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world.  Access to clean water means education, income and health - especially for women and kids.

I've decided to wipe away my tears and take some action. 

Coaching For Water

I will work for clean water.  

I don't do work on an hourly basis, but get asked about it all the time.

I've decided that each month, I will open up one day to offer 55 minute coaching slots in exchange for a donation to Charity: Water.

The minimum donation requested for this is $125. (Please donate more if you are so moved and able).  

Please click here to schedule your coaching call.  

Once you've scheduled your coaching call, please click here to make your donation.

Your appointment is confirmed once you have made your donation.  

Why charity: water? 

The emotion I felt drew me to this cause. And water is part of my identity.  I grew up on a lake and crave being close to water.  It is at the core of who I am.  

But being the skeptic I can be I especially love that the organization is transparent about where the money goes. 

100% of the money will be used to build clean water projects, and when they’re complete, charity: water will send me photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped.  Read more about their structure here

It is that simple.  I donate my time.  You donate your money to give others clean water and in return you get some business strategy.   

Thank you.  


So raise that clean glass of water high!

Cheers to clean water!