Why You Need A Retirement Day

Why You Need a Retirement Day.png


On a random Tuesday in November I took a day trip to the Oregon Coast with 3 other entrepreneurs.  

There was no event, no workshop, no other reason than to experience joy, adventure, relaxation and connection.  

It felt AMAZING.

We were practicing a Retirement Day, taking time to experience freedom, joy and adventure to reconnect with ourselves.  Why wait to expereience this when we can start incorporating it into our lives now.

My friend Yasmin Nguyen has created this movement and takes leaders on Retirement Days. Yeah - I think he's on to something big and important!  

This is simple in theory. 
But for some, hard in practice. (At least at first.)

I found that I was justifying taking the whole day off by saying ti was for business. I mean Yasmin and I needed to chat biz and collaboration.  Right?!

Why couldn't I just take this day for me with no ulterior motive and be ok with that?  

I have a lot of adventure days, but typically with my family.  

I'll fill you in on a secret.  
It's not the same.  (Shocker!)

We all need time to ourselves so we can recharge.  It was amazing to leave the house without reminding someone to bring their water bottle, jacket and packing a bag full of snacks.  So quick and easy!

As much as I love adventure days with my family, I am not always recharged afterward.  I'm still giving to others the whole time.   But this day was about me, relaxing, experiencing joy, connecting with others and with nature.  

It was truly a gift to myself.   I'd tell you more about how awesome it was, buy should just watch the video.  Yasmin really captured the fun we had that day.  

I'm going to take a Retirement Day each month.  Not sure exactly what and when it will be. But I will get out of the city for the day and take time for me.  I'll keep you posted on how this unfolds!

What about you? 

Do you take time for yourself to recharge?
What would you like to to incorporate more into your life to feel more joy and adventure?   
I'd love to hear!