Why I LOVE Squarespace (and am soooo over wordpress)

If that title made you say “what the hell are you talking about?” I’ll encourage you to continue reading. If you have the slightest inkling of wanting a website but have no clue how, keep reading.  You will find some great info you didn't even know you needed.  ( I love anticipating your needs :)

I launched my website last summer on Wordpress.  I'm incredibly non-technical when it comes to website stuff.  I need things to be simple and intuitive and "everyone" said Wordpress is pretty easy.   But it wasn't easy for me. 

Something funny has happened over the last 11+ years. I married a man who loves tech stuff.  And I love to delegate.  So I’ve outsourced all my tech needs to my husband.

New i phone - he set it up.
New computer - yes, please set that up for me as well.
Our past company had a website - he created it.  

It is actually pretty pathetic. I even have him do the updates and download the photos from my phone.  
We both found our strengths in our personal and professional lives (and since we worked together they blur) and we ran with them. 

So he’s been my tech guy.

Last summer when neither of us were crazy busy, he helped me set up my website. And all the business guru’s we read said Wordpress was the way to go.

So Wordpress it was.  I picked a theme and went forward with it.

Over the course of the following few months, I tried my hardest to do all the updates and changes that I wanted.  Trying to make a site look like what I wanted it to in my head.  

Updating my blog and creating the content for the pages was fairly easy.  

But I didn’t like the font or the font size.  And I kept getting frustrated trying to figure these things out.  And then I wanted to add a button with a link.  And change the header style.

Nothing seemed easy or intuitive.  I felt like I would either spend hours researching online how to do things, only to end up angry, frustrated and asking Jon for help.  

Sometimes it was a quick fix for him. Sometimes he would write code to achieve what I wanted.  That annoyed me even more because I have absolutely no interest in writing code and that is a solution I would never come to.  

Now he’s launching his own start up and is crazy busy.   And he has lots of balls in the air so I don't really want to interrupt him and ask for help changing the font on a blog post.  

My website was dragging me down and it started feeling like a roadblock rather than a tool. I really started hating how my site looked.  I felt like it was unprofessional and too basic.  Honestly, I felt embarrassed to send someone to the site.

I was coaching my friend and one of her tasks was to get a website up and she sends me a link when she’s done with it.  It looks amazing.  And she did it in squarespace… hmm.

Then, one day I’m listening to Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur (LOVE her!) on a webinar and she mentioned that her whole site is on on Squarespace.  And she’s been able to grow big and remain on that platform.  

Ok now the wheels are really churning…

I do a little research about Squarespace and it looks like it is much easier for the non-technical person to design a visually appealing website and make changes as they want.  They are praised for having a great help area that non-techies can easily understand and then implement.

I do a little googling on transferring your Wordpress site to Squarespace and it looks to be pretty basic.

I decide to go for it.

It only took me ONE school day (9am - 2:30) to get it all transferred over to a functioning site.  I then spent another day cleaning it up and getting it to look like I wanted.

And I did it BY MYSELF.  I felt like such a big girl. 

Even when I hit a few roadblocks and had some frustrations, I was able to figure it out myself.  

That is empowering and amazing!

So now I’ve had this site for about 3 weeks and I love it.  I haven’t had to ask Jon for help with anything and I have been able to make all the updates and changes myself.  I just do a quick google to figure out how to do things that aren't intuitive. 

I've talked to numerous women who are waiting on their husbands to help them with their websites.  
If this is you, STOP THE MADNESS!  

Switch to squarespace right now and take control of your site, and your business.  
Stop waiting on someone else.  Trust me, you'll feel so much better about it.  

If you’re at all on the fence and you’re a non-technical person, I wholeheartedly recommend using Squarespace.  I’m loving it.

And my husband is loving my web independence as well.