When Loneliness Leads to Connection

Last week I wrote about how I had been in a slump, feeling lonely and isolated.   I shared the post with my list and on social media.  

Immediately the love and support started pouring in.  Messages were received from loved ones reaching out to check in, worried about me.  Friends and fellow entrepreneurs called, texted and emailed to connect, giving uplifting advice and empathetic virtual hugs.   

I was so touched and comforted by the support from everyone.  Thank you all.

The message that unfolded from those of you out there doing your heart centered hustling was loud and clear:  

You are not alone, I feel it too.  

So many entrepreneurs that I talked to said that they had been feeling the same way.  People that I look up to and see as "having it all" said that tears had been shed recently over the isolation and overwhelm.

I couldn't help but think that we are not meant to be in this alone.  It takes a community to grow a business.  

We need each other to celebrate our wins and share our frustrations.  To ask for questions and get feedback. I felt so fortunate to have you in my circle to call on when I needed support. And you came to help lift me back up.  

I'm back in the saddle and ready for the rodeo.  

If you find yourself down, reach out.  I know, that is some seriously generic advice and by no means easy in real life.  But honestly, talk to someone. Shoot me an email. Call a friend. It will do a world of good.  

I've decided to offer a co-working day at my house, a time for us to connect and support each other.  I'm starting it off next week.  If you're in Portland and interested, shoot me an email.  

Also, I hope you join our Facebook community, The Power Pack.  Just a bunch of amazing Entrepreneurs supporting each other :)