What the hell is a Facebook Pixel and why do I need it?

Last week had a conversation with my friend Marli about the effectiveness of Facebook ads.  I asked her if she had a facebook targeting pixel installed on her site (I said it as though I’m some tech expert, Ha!).   She looked at me and said “Um, what is that?”

Luckily I have an awesome husband who gave me the pro tip that I should install this "thingy" (my technical term for it) on my site.  Here is how it works.  When someone visits your site this pixel tracks the person's facebook ID and allows you to target them later when you do a Facebook ad. 

(I realize this is a bit creepy.  Right about now you should be connecting all the times you visit a site and then start seeing ads for it all over the place.)  

So I wanted to let all of you know about this little tool that can really help your business if you ever choose to do Facebook ads at ANY point down the road!  

This applies to ALL businesses - online, brick and mortar, service based, it doesn’t matter. If someone shows interest in what you’re doing, you can now “follow up” with them when you run a facebook ad.  

We all know that someone who has already expressed interest would be WAY more likely to become a customer.

When I was chatting with my friends, I realized I had the pixel installed when I had a WordPress site.  But when I changed my site over to Squarespace I never added it again.


I promptly went and installed it on my current site.  Whew.  Done.

I recommend that you don’t delay and install it on your site as well.  Here are some instructions for installing on a Squarespace site.  And here are instructions for a Wordpress site.  

These are the little tricks that make our buck go further, our impact greater and our efforts maximized.  I promise to share any of these tips as I come across them.   And please share your tips with us as well!