The Way Out of Loneliness

I’ve been in a funk for 3 weeks. Since my glass is usually half full, three weeks has felt like an eternity.   I could tell myself it is the record rainfall but I know it is something deeper.  Something inside of me is shifting.

There are big transitions in my life and business right now.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on both which is consuming energy both emotionally and physically.  And as I traverse the path to move forward I find myself feeling lonely.

This is the not-so-pretty side of entrepreneurship.  The loneliness and isolation that we can feel doing too many things on our own.  The feeling that everyone else has their shit together and I am the only one floundering. But I’ve been behind the curtain of enough businesses to know that that isn’t the case.  

The truth is that we are all traveling paths that have ups and downs.  Even the people we admire the most have the peaks and valleys that accompany growth, success and sometimes the reality of needing to fail in order to move forward. We are all at various stages of business, each one with it’s own challenges.  

Human connection is the most important thing we can cultivate to feel in community and not isolated.  A place to bring our frustrations, fears and celebrations.  

I’ve been turning to my community more in the past few weeks.  Reaching out to those that just might have what I need and finding love and support from them.  

While on a walk yesterday afternoon I came across the first spring flowers, a sign of hope.  It reminded me that we are never stuck in something for very long and the world is always moving into the next stage. Even when it doesn’t seem fast enough for me.  

After my walk I had a conversation with a friend who reminded me of the transitions going on in my life.  I am moving through and this feeling won’t last forever.   

After taking a walk, a conversation with a friend and a much needed yoga class I found myself emerging from loneliness back into hope.

Taking the step to reach out to others can be hard, but is full of rewards.  Most likely someone has been in your shoes and can help, listen or offer advice on how to move forward.  

So as things keep unfolding for me, I will continue to need and reach out to my community.

Because we’re all in it together.  

And I am so grateful to have you join me on my journey.    



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