Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air

I’m sitting on the deck at my parents house, beautiful July morning, looking out onto bright blue Lake Superior, dotted with Madeline Island and Long Island.   As of about 9 am this morning the most valuable thing I own is my 2006 Prius.  I’m setting the bar fairly low in terms of using the word “valuable”, though I really love my car.  

Ten months ago I had a commercial mortgage, a few business loans, a house loan and owned a second car.  But the last of those items, our house, has been sold as of this morning.  

It is incredibly liberating and freeing to not be tethered to a place or institution.  

We are moving our family out west.  My husband, Jon is on the road with said Prius driving to Oregon from Wisconsin.  I am flying there with the three kids in 5 days.     

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