How to work with your spouse and still love them

How to work with your spouse and still love them

When people hear that I’ve worked side by side with my husband EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for eight years they either cringe or tilt their head in a long blissful sigh.  The reality is somewhere in the middle.  

It takes a certain kind of relationship that 1) wants to be together that much and 2) can withstand working together everyday, and then go home and have dinner together.


It is not for everyone, and even those that choose it will encounter bumps in the road (sometimes they feel like mountains).

Once the bliss of deciding to take the second plunge together wears off how do you ensure you still love each other at the end of each day?


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Decisions? Sh*t or Get Off the Pot!

Decisions?  Sh*t or Get Off the Pot!

It drives me crazy when people take forever to make a decision.  But even I get caught doing it.

When I was setting up my facebook page for Mother F'ing Preneur I had to choose a category to put it under.  You know, organization, business, place of interest etc.

All of a sudden I couldn’t decide which one to choose.  Is it a "company" or "consulting and services"? There wasn’t a clear "right" answer.   

I sat there for a while. Hmm, I think I’ll go check my email (procrastinating). Anything new on my Instagram feed? (distraction).   

I was wasting time because I wasn't sure what the RIGHT answer was.  

I was spending WAY too much time on a very minor decision.  I was annoying MYSELF.  T-t-t-t-tttoday, Junior!

We all make hundreds of decisions everyday. They are of varying degrees of importance, most of them minor.  

We have to become efficient at making decisions so we can spend our time and energy moving our business forward rather than stagnant in indecision.

There are two reasons it is difficult to make decisions:

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Can Your Business Teach Your Personal Life a Lesson?

Can Your Business Teach Your Personal Life a Lesson?

The other day I was meeting with my nutrition/fitness coach, Allison.   I was having a roadblock implementing some changes she’s recommended for food.  I shared with her that I was feeling overwhelmed with life; new city, new workout routine, new baby, new family routines for school and such.  Everything was new!   I hated to admit it, but it just felt like there wasn’t room in my brain to change anything else.

She was great, listened to what I was saying and met me where I’m at.  

Why was mealtime dragging me down so much?   

Preparing meals is never ending.  It has to happen every day, numerous times.  When you’re just feeding yourself, popcorn or cereal can easily count as a meal.  But when kids are in the equation you feel an obligation to provide a well rounded “healthy” meal (hot dogs and baby carrots count as healthy right?!).  

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