Maybe you don't need a business coach! *Gasp*

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Do you really need a coach?

This topic feels a little like blasphemy (since I am a coach…) but I’ve been stewing on this lately.  

You don't always need a coach.  

There are crucial times when a coach is incredibly valuable.  But having a coach is no silver bullet and not always the answer.

Here are the types of support that I see most entrepreneurs needing at various times in your business.  

Community and Connection

You ALWAYS need community and connection.

Running your own business poses unique challenges. You will feel emotionally exposed and have questions about bookkeepers, taxes, managing staff and marketing. Find other business owners that you connect with to support you.

Stop doing things alone.   

It is lonely at the top and nothing good comes from isolation.  

Sometimes people hire a coach because they don’t have a community. This can be an expensive solution to a real problem.   There are numerous other ways to find the right community for you. 

Strategy and Planning

Many business owners just keep running their business day to day, without taking time out to look at the big picture and create a comprehensive plan.  

They come up with a new idea and immediate implement it, rather than looking at the whole picture to see how how the pieces all fit together.  

High level planning takes effort, discipline and time.  By hiring someone to help with strategy you actually make the time and create a complete plan.


Your time is much more effective when someone else leads the session than when you do it on your own.  A facilitator will help you moving forward rather than getting hung up on roadblocks or stuck in the weeds.  

If you have a team, having someone else facilitate strategy sessions is invaluable. You as the founder are able to more fully participate, rather than lead, and your team contributes more because they don’t just look to you for all the answers.  

You can hire someone for the day to lead a strategy session or pay to attend a group planning session or retreat.  This can be very effective. 


If you’re lucky, you’ve got a strategy and game plan for your business.  But who’s there holding you accountable to get it done.  

Many struggle with this whole “being your own boss” thing and need others to impose deadlines and make sure things get done. 

You can find accountability in numerous ways:  masterminds (you could do a paid group program or you gather a group on your own), with a business coach, or you can hire an accountability coach.  

The level and type of accountability you need greatly depends on your personality and what motivates you.  For some a public declaration is enough, for others they really need a person who will call them out for not getting things done.  

Being held accountable to get the tasks done each week and hitting our numbers will lead to ultimately achieving our goals.  That is where the magic happens.  

What about coaching?

Sometimes people need support in the the above areas and look to coaching. But there are many ways to find community, accountability and strategy help. Coaching is one option.   But it isn’t always the right fit.  

Make sure you evaluate your needs before diving into looking for a coach.  

When do you need a business coach? 

The right coaching is powerful and transformative.  
The wrong coaching is a waste of time and money.   

For many, coaching will encompass all of the above - open up doors to a community, help you create a powerful strategy for growth and provide accountability.   

There are some key times that hiring a coach and strategist can be incredibly powerful and accelerate your success.  

  1. Startup time:  this is a tricky time because often you don’t have any money.  But you also don’t know what you don’t know.  When you start off it can be overwhelming and confusing.  If you have it in your budget, it can be great to have a coach to guide you through the messaging, marketing and accountability to keep you moving forward and getting your business out into the world.

  2. Transitions:  So your business is chugging along swimmingly but you are ready to really shake it up, take it to another level, or in a new direction.  Transitional times can be a great time to have a coach guide you and support you through the process.  

  3. Turmoil: Sometimes the business is in a tough spot and needs help correcting the course.  You as the founder may need extra support in coaching when this is the scenario.  

  4. Mindset Blocks:  Often we are our own worst enemy.  We let our own fears and insecurities hold us back from doing what we want.  The right coach should be able to support you and help you breakthrough these barriers.  They help push you while holding your hand and cheering you on.  These can be the biggest breakthroughs and sometimes the biggest benefits to one on one coaching.  

If you decide you need to hire a coach, interview a handful of them.  Find the right match for your budget, your business and your personality.  

When you find the right fit, you should feel it in your gut.  Ask them for references.  Talk to others they have worked with and see if the results they get are similar to what you’re looking for.    

Go Do the Work

Often times after we move through a transition we just need to go forward and do the work.  The plan is laid out and from there you are ready to run.  At this point, a great coach will have taught you many tools to leave the nest and soar!

Still looking for help from a coach and strategist?  I'd love to chat and see if we are the right fit. 

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When have you found it useful to seek out a coach?  I'd love to hear your experience with coaching.