Does your Business Value your happiness

I was having a breakfast meeting with some fellow entrepreneurs this morning at a sweet breakfast spot in my neighborhood.  My friend looked around and said, "it is so busy in here at 10am, doesn't anyone in this town work!?"

We laughed because we were working sort of, but it was no power breakfast.  I glanced around and it was a mixture of people on a casual Tuesday morning.  

This is so typical of Portland.  

People here value lifestyle in addition to professional success.  They structure their jobs and companies around living a life surrounded by joy, the outdoors and great food and drink.  It is such a creative love fest here.  

My husband just returned from a weekend in the Big Apple for a friend's wedding and we laughed at the differences in our lives vs his friend's.  Dinner with the family and weekends of playtime are not the norm for other start up founders.  (I realize this is still a huge challenge for him, but he's a rock star and makes it work). 

Even though my husband has a startup and I have my own business we both value personal, family and leisure time.  I have incorporated these personal goals into my business goals. 

 I can't really separate the two.  I am creating a life that takes into account my daily happiness personally and professionally. 

Do you do this when setting your business goals?  How have you incorporated joy and happiness in your life as an entrepreneur?  

What challenges do you face when doing this?

I'd love to hear from you, leave a comment.