Childcare - The Struggle To Juggle Kids And Business


I’m at a place I’ve been numerous times in my short life as a Mom. I’m in need of childcare.


As a Mother F’ing Preneur (MFP), I love my work.  I also love that I’ve had the flexibility to work from home in between naps and nursing with baby #3, Sam.  He’s now almost eight months old and I’m feeling twitchy to work more.   

Just because I had a baby, doesn’t mean that all those crazy, exciting, ridiculous ideas I had about my business have dried up.  The list of what I want to do just keeps getting longer and if I don’t take action soon I may explode.

During the first few months after his arrival I didn’t think much about work. (At that point, moving across the country was fairly consuming.)  

About 4 months ago I thought I wanted to find childcare for Sam so I could work more.  But I started having anxiety about it.  

Then I remembered - oh yeah, I don’t HAVE to get childcare.  It is my choice when and how much childcare I need.  I’ve structured my life so I can do this.

So I slowed down, enjoyed his sweetness some more and committed to working around his schedule. I also chatted with Jon (who is an FFP - Father F’ing Preneur - working from home). We were able to juggle times in our family's schedule to get me some chunks of work time.  

That was great for a bit.  But his business is rapidly growing and taking up more time and so is mine.  

My desire to work more has been like a freight train slowly gaining momentum.  Now it is headed downhill fast.

I’ve decided a nanny seems like the best option.   That way Sam is close by but Jon and I will have the freedom to work, have meetings or work off site if we choose.    He's so little still.  When they can't talk I like to keep closer tabs on my kids.  

Having someone else watch your children is such a leap of faith.  I try not to think too hard about it. Otherwise I may never leave the house and work myself into a ridiculous state of anxiety and panic.   Having childcare is an exercise in trust.  

As Sam has gotten older, I feel ready to trust someone else with him.  And speaking of older, what about those older siblings of his?

Luckily Ramona is in school. Eddie is only 3.5 years old and he is currently enrolled in preschool.

It is a great place and we love it but we’re paying a small fortune for him to go there.  

I felt a lot of pressure to find something fast once we decided where we were living.  This place had an opening (the first HUGE hurdle) and was only 5 blocks from our house.  It also had a teaching style that we both love.  

Since I've started my nanny search I've created a nifty spreadsheet to look at the finances of having a nanny and preschool coasts.  Cuz child care isn’t cheap any way you look at it.  

When I looked at the spreadsheet, it seems that if we hire a nanny to watch both kids (for only 5-6 hrs/day), we will spend about the same amount of money that we do currently at Eddie's school.  

Hard to argue with the numbers.  

So, I’m doing a full court press to hire a nanny.  

Ugh.  The search. 

I was casually looking the last few months, but every lead I pursued fell through.  

I have three appointments to chat with potential candidates today.  The first one already told me she has a scheduling conflict.   On to the next one.

Finding a nanny is my first domino to set me down the path to achieving my goals for the year. I’m confident I’ll find something soon that fits our family perfectly. Right? Right!

How do you juggle childcare and work?  I’d love to hear how all you other MFPs make it work for you!  Leave a comment below.