Can a Mom have a Miracle Morning? Part 3


This is Part 3 of a 4 part series about my attempt to incorporate the Miracle Morning routine into my life. You can read part 1 to see how the first week of implementing this routine went.  The underlying basis of the program is from a book by Hal Elrod, “The Miracle Morning”.  There is a set morning routine to help you “become the person you need to be, to create everything you have ever wanted in your life.”  Sounds amazing, right?   I have taken on a 30 day challenge and will write about my experiences weekly.  

Last week I was pretty blissful about my MM routine.   

Life wasn’t all roses this week.

Monday & Tuesday I started the week with a bang of optimism and productivity.  Monday and Tuesday went pretty well.  Not only am I rocking this 5am thing, but I’ve converted two “wasted” hours into productive ones.

I’m going to a coffee shop to get a little work in before most people have even brushed their teeth. Boom.  That’s right, I’m feeling like a rock star.    

These two mornings were sweet sailing.  I completed all my SAVERS (the acronym for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing), got some extra work done and went on my merry way.

Wednesday I woke up thrilled.  Sam slept through the night, AND I DID TOO!!  All three kids were kind to me and I had a beautiful night’s sleep.    5 am alarm?  No problem, I’m practically jumping out of bed I’m so well rested.  

A nanny that I’m interviewing is supposed to come today and do a trial run with Sam.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get some work done while she and Sam hang out.  I’m need some limited childcare for a few days a week while the other kids are in school so I can get more work done.

So after waking up  feeling great, I complete all my SAVERS, including my wandering mediation, and am about to head off to the coffee shop and be a productivity maven.   

Before heading out, I have to wake Sam up to nurse!

That is when I notice that he was sick during the night and threw up in his crib.  

That sinking momma feeling sets in.  I get worried; what is wrong, how did he throw up and I didn’t hear it, is this why he slept through the night, how sick is he?  

Plans change and I stay home to monitor him.   I’m glad i did, because after nursing he was sick again.  I text the nanny, saying we have to reschedule.  I sit and snuggle my baby who is in a surprisingly good mood.

No nanny today. No productive work day. No workout.

Kids can do this to you, throw your whole schedule out of whack in a matter of minutes.  But I want to be with him and I am glad and grateful that I have the choice to do so.  

Luckily he seems fine the rest of the day. He sleeps a bit more, but other than that his mood is great and no more sickness.  Whew.  

When I head off to bed Wednesday, I had no clue what was in store for me.  

Thursday I woke up during the night and felt nauseous.  I tell Jon to go clean the toilet, I’m worried I’m going to throw up and want to make sure the toilet brush and cleaner are its most recent visitors.  

And then it hits me.  I threw up twice during the night.  

I F’ING HATE throwing up!!

I cry like a baby.  This is against everything my body wants to do. No miracle morning for me. I was pretty crushed.  I really wanted to do this for 30 days straight. But I felt really awful.   I can get a pass right?  Um, yes.  

I was glad that by the evening I was feeling better and I went to bed by about 8:30.  I was pretty weak, hadn’t really eaten much and wanted to make sure I got better as fast as possible.  I opted to sleep in the following morning as well.  

FridaySleep felt amazing.  I was thankful that this bug seemed to be a 24 hour thing.  I felt much better and slowly introduced bland foods back in.   

I was thrilled the other kids didn’t get sick.  

But now I’m at two days with no miracle morning. Three days no workout. My whole routine was thrown off. Sickness be damned!  Must get back on track tomorrow.

While I was having my sick days, I did look up meditation apps and downloaded a few.  I’m pretty excited to try them out.  

SaturdayI’m back in the saddle.  I’ve given myself an extra hour on the weekends so I wake up at 6am.  Seems good to ease back into it, right?

This morning I get to use my new app and have some guided meditation.  Hmm.  I think I’m onto something.  

While this app isn’t the holy grail to mediation, it is getting warmer.  I have 5 minutes and feel much less distracted and “present.”  

It helps to have some soft, soothing voice telling me to “relax the muscles in my face”  and “release any tension in my hands”  It is so crazy that I hold so much tension in these random places.  

I’m feeling really hopeful about my new tool for mediation.  I get a few more SAVERS in.  

And then the little feet are up and so happy to see me.  Good thing they are so damn cute.  

The unfortunate thing is that between the hours of 6-7am there is about a 50/50 chance that a kid will wake and choose to “join me” for my Miracle Morning.  Or maybe the proper term is thwart my routine.  They just can’t hold back from requests for food, or other things that cute little sleepy heads need.  

SundayI make it through 3 minutes, 23 seconds of meditation (the app has a timer of course) before I am interrupted by the kids again.  

This leads me to the decision that I need to switch to doing miracle mornings at 5am EVERYDAY.  What?!  Am I off my rocker?  

The thing is, I don’t want to be frustrated with the kids for interrupting me.  I’m the one interrupting their schedule with this new routine. How dare I?

So I think for all of us to be happier, I should shoot for 5am DAILY wake up.  Hmm.  Wish me luck.  

Week 3 Takeaways

  • Life can throw you off course with unexpected curve balls.   Don’t quit, be discouraged or give up.  Get back on the horse and keep going.   
  • When you’re frustrated with a situation (kids waking up before I want them to) look at it from a different angle.  What do you have control to change and what don’t you?  I could change my wake up time to increase the chance of an uninterrupted morning.  That is what I focus on rather than trying to change their behavior.
  • Give yourself a break when you do get hit with something.  I don’t think it would have been healthy to power through my sickness and do my MM routine.

Next week is Thanksgiving.  Based on past experience, disruption to routine is very hard for me.  I’m easily thrown from positive routines.  

But I can do this!  

One more week left in my 30 day challenge. See you next week for the recap and takeaways from Month 1.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!