Can A Mom Have A Miracle Morning? Part 1


This is part 1 of a 4 part series about my attempt to incorporate the Miracle Morning routine into my life. The underlying basis of the program is from a book by Hal Elrod, “The Miracle Morning.” He has created a set morning routine to help you “become the person you need to be to create everything you have ever wanted in your life.”  Sounds amazing, right?   I have taken on a 30 day challenge and will write about my experiences weekly.  Can I really transform my life by waking up earlier?  Can a mom with young kids even complete a miracle morning routine on a regular basis?  Let’s find out.

When you say “Miracle Morning”, what exactly do you mean and how miraculous are we talking about?

I’m referring to “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod that outlines a routine for you to follow to “transform your life” and “reach your goals”.  

I first heard about this book on the Smart Passive Income podcast and was intrigued.   Here is a snippet from the book’s Amazon description:

What if you could wake up tomorrow and any—or EVERY—area of your life was beginning to transform? What would you change? The Miracle Morning is already transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world by showing them how to wake up each day with more ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and FOCUS to take your life to the next level. It’s been right here in front of us all along, but this book has finally brought it to life.

Are you ready? The next chapter of YOUR life—the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined—is about to begin. It’s time to WAKE UP to your full potential…"

I mean really, how do you say “Hmm, Naaa.  I’m not interested.”?  I’ll tell you how.  You love sleep.  And you have little children that are already disrupting your sleep.  So the idea of waking up earlier than you have to, is awful.

But all those words!

Promising amaaaaaazing things.

They keep gnawing on the the back of my mind, saying that I should really give it a shot. 

But the damn kids.  Especially that cute infant, only 5 months old.  He’s just so hungry, wanting to nurse again and again!  And now I’m entering the teething stage.  He sleeps ok, typically waking up 1 - 2 times per night.  But sometimes there are awful nights where he is fussy and up all the time and there is no way of predicting.

My big kids (3 and 5) crawl into our bed about 75% of the nights.  I’m too lazy to get up and put them back in their own beds (and I do love snuggling while they still love this much).  Luckily we bought a king size bed so things aren’t as cramped anymore, but if you’ve ever slept with a child in your bed, you know “quality” isn’t the first word that pops into your mind.

Here I am, a newborn and two other kids that frequently disrupt my sleep.  But this is my life.  And it isn’t going to change anytime soon.  

I decided that now is a good (using this term loosely) time to dive into this.  I like a challenge.

Here’s what’s involved:

  • I need to wake up a minimum of 30 minutes earlier than I typically would.  
  • I am supposed to meditate, recite affirmations, do visualizations, exercise, read and journal EVERY DAY.  

Here I go.

Day 1

(Night before) I read my bedtime affirmations last night.  You're supposed to recite an affirmation before going to sleep stating that you will wake up feeling energized in the morning and that what ever amount  of sleep you are going to get is exactly the amount you need to feel rested and energized in the morning.  Of course!  Now the trick is to believe it.

 I am nervous about how Sam will sleep, crossing my fingers it will be a night with minimal interruptions.   I’m excited to start this, feel cautiously committed.  Here I go.  

Alarm goes off.  5:30am

DON’T PRESS SNOOZE!  (One of the rules!)

GET OUT OF BED.  Ok, I can do this.

I get up, brush teeth, dressed, etc. 

I head down to the living room.  I review the routine I'm supposed to do which of course has a nice acronym to remember it: SAVERS. 

Silence (meditation) Affirmations Visualization Exercise Reading Scribing (Journaling)

SilenceI start with meditation.   Talk about kicking off with a challenge.  Silence is not a word used to describe my life.  I don’t think I’ve ever silenced my mind.  Like most of us, I run, run, run all day.  Mental to do lists grow with every turn I make.  New business ideas pop into my mind.  I worry about my kids. Try to remember to make dr. appointments…. It is REALLY hard for me to silence my own damn voice.  Please shut the f*#^ up, self!  I’m trying to meditate here.

I complete 5 minutes which felt a little more like 50.   You have to start somewhere.  I tried a mantra, saying “I breathe in Peace and Productivity, I breathe out all that is negative”  I just had to keep coming back to saying that as my mind would wander, pretty much with every breath.  

Day 1 meditating done.  Check. I can only get better from here.

AffirmationsI read aloud the affirmations, using the sample ones you can download from the website.  I actually like them and figured it’s a good starting point.  Later I will personalize them but for now, these work great.  I sort of eat up cheesy shit like this.  There is big power to believing in yourself.  So I read them aloud, with emotion and really tried to internalize the words.

Visualization Here are a few things I’m visualizing.  

  • Speaking at a conference
  • being a room full of women that I’m working with, smiling, laughing and loving the energy and productivity
  • Having a successful product launch
  • Clients telling, writing, tweeting about how much I’m helping change their lives
  • Laughing with my kids
  • Having a strong, fit body that weighs 15lbs less
  • doing the monkey bars at the playground
  • going on a trip with my husband (with no kids, and a cocktail in my hand, exploring somewhere amazing after 8pm, CRAZY!)

ExerciseOn M/W/F I attend a 9am workout class.  I decided to do 5 min of yoga now, and then the class later.  The sun salutations felt great.  I love the rhythm.  

ReadingThey recommend you read a self help book, but I joined a book group.  I would really like to read this book, so I’m using the time to read this.  I’m not sure where else I will squeeze in the time to leisure read. Who knows, maybe a book group isn’t the best for me right now.   I only read about 8 pages today.

Scribing (journaling)I’ve downloaded the Freedom Journal and am using that as an outline.  It has an interesting framework that you fill out based on writing a goal for 3 months as well as goal for today.  

I love writing down the ONE thing I need to accomplish today to get closer to my goal.

And the crazy thing…

I actually did the two things (over achiever, couldn’t resist) I wrote down.  They were in my mind during the day so I made sure to do them.  Definite win.

The Afterglow

I felt pretty good today.  Had my coffee, worked out, went on with my day.  I felt a little tired mid afternoon, had some coffee.  Nothing too profound today except to substantial things

  1. I was really proud that I did it.  I started.  That felt great.
  2. I accomplished the goals I wrote down that morning.  I even wrote some things that were a stretch but I squeezed them in before I went to bed.  Big Win!  

Hmmmm if I do this everyday I will get a lot done.

Day 2

Alarm goes off.  Don’t snooze!  Ok get up.  I walk with a friend on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am so I get up a little extra early, 5:15 to get my MM routine in.  Sam woke up a few times to nurse so fairly typical night.

As I’m walking downstairs to start my meditation Eddie, my three year old, wakes up and walks into my room.  When he realizes I’m not there he runs out and is standing at the top of the stairs looking for me.  I walk to him.  He’s a bit attached to Momma right now. There is no negotiating to get this guy back in bed.  

Of course I decided to start the Miracle Morning routine right after daylight savings so my kids are waking up an hour earlier.  Perfect timing.

So Eddie joins me for my Miracle Morning.  He sits next to me while I’m meditating.  Needless to say, my already struggling mediation skills were challenged and didn’t really rise up to the occasion.  I was pretty distracted today.

In between Meditation and Affirmations I make a bed for him on the couch and he curls up.   He watches as I read the affirmations. But because I want him to fall asleep I read them silently to myself.  Not as effective as reading them aloud, but I do my best.  

Good news, he falls asleep while I’m writing in the journal and doing my visualizations.  

As I’m about to head out for my walk, he wakes up and insists on coming with me.  Ugh.  I don’t want to be late.  I plop him in the stroller, wrap him in a blanket and off we go.

Today was more like a Mediocre Morning.   

But I felt great that I didn’t let his waking up derail my entire routine.  Complete win.

The walk was amazing (as always, I love walking) and of course he fell asleep halfway through.

My day was good.  The halloween candy found it’s way into my belly a few too many times today, not helping the weight loss goal!  Luckily it will be gone tomorrow. Fun size be damned!

Again, I accomplished the two things I wrote down that morning as my goals.  

I’m hoping there is a pattern here.

Day 3

Alarm goes off at 5:15.  DON’T PRESS…


Ugh.  oh well.  Ok, get up, brush teeth put on clothes.  You can do this.

Ok, feeling better.

Oh, what is that I hear? Why the little pitter patter of more footsteps from Eddie B.  So he joins me again.  We sit together meditating.  

I’m only two minutes into my meditation and he’s asking for food.  He’s staaaaarrving.  So into the kitchen we go and make some toast.  As he’s eating, he has an accident and pees on the dining chair.


I clean up the mess and we head upstairs to get new clothes.  He shares a room with his big sis and we end up waking her up.  She doesn’t want to miss out on the party!  So we all head down for a wonderful Family Miracle Morning.  

Lovely.  Just lovely.

Ok, where was I?

Let’s move on to affirmations.  Again I read them to myself because I was hoping the kids would fall asleep.  I read them and laughed a bit (on the inside of course so I didn’t disrupt the kids) at my situation and kept going.  

Today no one fell back to sleep.  

I worked through my steps, journaling, visualizing. And what is that I hear?  

Oh yes, it is child #3.  He doesn’t want to be left out either.  So I go up to get him, nurse and snuggle him and then place him in bed with Dad.  

I go back downstairs to finish up my journalling and now time is up and I need to get everyone ready for their day.  No reading today.  I exercised later in my 9am class, but no yoga this am.    

Another Mediocre Morning, family style.    

I’m not angry or frustrated as I may have been in the past.  The kids are pretty cute and my patience is at a high level.  Maybe the mediating/affirmations/visualization is working…..

That could be the Miracle today.

I feel pretty good but I am getting tired. I go to bed at 9pm.  I’d been going to bed at 10 or 10:30, but today I fall asleep sitting up in bed, so I turn out the light and settle in for some good sleep.

So far the goals that I write each morning have been amazing and helpful.   I think about them often when I look to what I need to do next.  I want to make sure to accomplish them so I don’t let myself down.

Today I sent out my first email to my list.  This was big, and I’d been putting it off.  I’m just getting this new venture rolling so everything seems to take longer than I want it to.  I have so many ideas but need to keep focused. These daily goals are my building blocks for me to achieve bigger goals.  This makes everything seem easier to attain.  

I can’t wait to see what day 30 looks like.

Day 4

Of course Sam wakes up at 4am to nurse.  That is such an annoying time.  My alarm is set for 5:15.  Is it worth going back to sleep?  I decide yes.  4am is just a ridiculous time to start my day.  

I press snooze when the alarm goes off.  Shit.  I’m going to have to start putting my phone/alarm on the other side of the room so I don't get into the habit of this.  

Today’s meditation had a small shift.  I was alone (Yes!) and was able to meditate for the full 5 minutes without distractions.  I really tried to connect the breath with some words.  It felt different. Good different.  Hmm.  I think there is hope for me.

I was able to go through everything but the reading again. In all honestly I haven’t read since day one.  I think Ill find a self help book to read rather than a leisure book.  

Oh, and don’t snooze, there's no time for that.

I felt pretty good today.  Not too tired.  Went to bed again at 10pm

Day 5

I put the phone across the room so I had to get out of bed to turn it off.  

No snooze for me this am.  

Of course in the wee hours of the night I had visitors join me.  First Ramona crawled in.  Then Sam was fussy and came in to snuggle.  And then Eddie crawled into my “nest”,  between my legs.   

One big happy family of five nestled into the gigantic bed.

So when the alarm goes off, inside I’m screaming “shit!” and fumbling to get out of this mess without waking anyone up, because of course I somehow ended up in the middle.

Sly Eddie sits up.  “Are you walking this morning, Momma?” “No buddy, just on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” “What day is today.” “Friday” “Oh.” “Go lay in Dad’s nest and sleep.  I’ll come snuggle with you when I’m done working.” “Ok”

Eddie goes back to sleep?! Now that’s a miracle morning!  

So I head to brush my teeth, put contacts in.  Hmm, I’m fairly awake.  Interesting.

Head down for the SAVERS.  

Meditation feels ok.  This seems like one of those things where patience, practice and perseverance are important to actually reaping the benefits.

Going through affirmations and visualizations without kids is really helpful.  Amazing, isn’t it?  I read and attend my workout class and all is good.

The amazing thing today is that I feel really great.  I had an amazing workout.  I feel pretty awake.  I don’t even have an afternoon slump like I usually do.  

I only get tired after having a glass of wine in the evening.  

Tomorrow is Saturday.  I’ve set my alarm, but I admit that I’m sad that I’m not sleeping in.  It’s a major shift of frame of mind.  I’ll wake up tomorrow but I have to accept the fact that I don’t have the day to sleep in.

Day 6

Of course since I wrote the above before bed I overslept (just a little) this am. Hmm, is that the power of thought?

During the night when I woke up to nurse Sam, I got my phone, which I had set across the room like a good MMer.  When I went back to sleep, I set the phone by my bed rather than put in across the room.  So when the alarm went off, I didn’t have to get out of bed.

Somehow I turned the alarm OFF, rather than just snoozing even.  Oops.  I honestly don’t remember doing this.  I woke up at 6am (rather than 5:30) and started in on my MM routine.  

I completed all the sections, even getting some extra reading in before Sam woke up.  He chilled with me downstairs while I finished some of the items and then I decided we would go for a walk for my exercise.

We headed to a local coffee shop that had a new bakery I’ve been wanting to stop at.  It was a nice sunny morning to get out.  The weather turned rainy shortly after I made it home so I was glad to get out.

This weekend the goal is all about cleaning out and setting up our basement.  We recently moved into this house and everything we didn’t want to deal with ended up in the basement.  This is a finished space and will be used as a guest room.

Since we have guests coming in a month, we knew we better get a move on it.  The timing works out well as Portland’s rainy season is settling in.  I didn’t want to waste beautiful weekends indoors doing this work.  But the time has come.

Have I told you how much I hate doing this type of shit?

Since my goal was to accomplish the basement clean out before Sunday night, I knew I had to keep working.  And keep my husband on track as well.  I have been much more productive since setting these daily goals.

I am part of the Miracle Morning Facebook group (definitely recommend this group of positive, early risers.  Like a bunch of eager beavers, ready to start their day and conquer the world.  It is one big inspirational post after another).   There was a lot of discussion about doing MM on the weekends or not.  Originally I had thought I’d give myself Sundays off.  But after reading everyone's posts about how they do it every day and feel worse if they don’t, I’m going to go the daily route.  Crazy, I know.  We will see how I feel about this decision on day 30.  

I figure that if we have something going on and I’m up late, I could always push it back an hour.  I don’t have to worry about that this weekend.  No big plans here, except the basement clean out :)

Day 7

I was in bed by by 8:30 last night and asleep before 9:30.  It felt good.  (Sam woke up around 10ish and I gave him a quick nip but was back to sleep in a flash).   

Sammy slept until 4:30 am!  I was actually becoming semi-conscious a little before he woke up.  I think having 6+ hrs of sleep in a row was amazing for my body.   After nursing him I decided to get up and start my MM routing a bit before 5am.  

Because I was so early and not in a rush, I made the mistake of browsing on Facebook for a bit, checking my email and other distractions.    Ugh.  Ok, back to my MM.

Meditating was really challenging for me.  My mind was all over the place.  Can you talk OVER your OWN voice in your mind?  I would be reciting my mantra, staring straight ahead and then a voice would say “Maybe I should rearrange the living room, I wonder how it would look if I put the couch over here? Oh yeah - breathe in peace and productivity….”

Then later I’d  focus on my mantra and all of a sudden, I’d think about a chat I had with Jon yesterday and think of a  million ideas for his business (because it is always easier to think of things other people should do)

The funny thing was that I sat for 10 minutes today doing my “meandering” meditation.  TEN MINUTES - that is sort of like running a marathon for me. So even though my mind wandered a lot, I’m excited that I sat for so long and it didn’t seem like eternity.

My visualizations were similar.  I think that when I have a deadline I’m much more effective than when a lazy weekend morning is ahead.  

I started reading the book “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, rather than my novel. Since the mornings are all about wellness and bettering myself I think it is good to have a book with that focus.  Typically these books are shorter and easier to read snippets, rather than wanting to get caught up in a novel.  


Here is a recap of what I’ve learned about each step and the overall process for me after ONE WEEK.


  • I’m working on quieting my mind of all the distractions but I think it will be a long learning process.  
  • This is an area that I will read more about to learn some techniques.  
  • I haven’t felt/noticed direct benefits but I think it will be subtle and more noticeable over time.  
  • The one area I am noticing a difference (and my husband has noticed as well) is that I have more patience with my kids.  That is a big win.  I’ve been working on that for a while, so I wouldn’t attribute it all to MM and Meditation, but I think it is helping even more.


  • I like reciting them aloud best.  I internalize them more.  
  • I’ve started with the sample ones but sometime this week I think I will personalize them.
  • These words help give me confidence and belief in myself and my abilities.  
  • This helps remind me why I’m doing this.  My family is my inspiration and often my motivation.  So when I’m cranky and have some self doubt it is good to say, “it’s not just about you, it is for them too.”


  • I love visualizations as part of my morning process.  I love seeing the me I am working towards, reaching all my goals.  
  • I look like one bad ass mom swinging across the monkey bars.  Move over kids, it's momma’s turn!


About 2 months ago I committed to working out more.  I’ve been doing great and loving it.  Working out regularly has been a struggle for me my whole life.  

  • I love that the MM now gives me a framework and time to get my exercise in EVERYDAY.
  • I’ve known for a while that mornings are best time to get my workout in.  But by adjusting my schedule to waking up everyday, now there is always a place for it.   
  • Since I started working out, I feel so much stronger.  


  • It’s better to read a self help/business book because it is more aligned with the nature of the morning
  • It’s easier to read short snippets without being drawn into a long storyline


  • I like the framework I've been using for journalling, but think I should take it off the computer.
  • I easily get distracted on my computer - check email, websites, fb, etc
  • I am on the computer a lot.  When my kids wake up and see me doing this, I’d like them to see me actually writing in something.  Not just being on the computer more.  
  • I also find that I’m super quick with this section and would benefit from writing a little more about how I’m feeling/thoughts/musing

Family Life and MM

I have three kids between the ages of 5 months and 5 years.  Things don’t always go how I plan.  But for the most part I'm getting up 1-2 times per night but only up for about 20 - 30 min each time.  

So far, I think that yes, most moms can have a Miracle Morning.  Some babies may be up a lot more, not sure I would recommend it then.   We have to be honest with ourselves that it won’t look like a lot of other people’s mornings.  

Everyone has challenges.  Some people travel a lot for work, others have jobs where they work different shifts, and many other issues.  This is just another “reason” why we don’t start it.  

You have to commit to it, but also commit to accepting your life.  So if your kids are up all night and are sick and you just can’t do it, don’t - but do it tomorrow.  Don’t let life stop you, just take another route.  

Even when my kids woke up and were part of my morning routine, I was still glad I did it.  There was still a sense of accomplishment and I still reached most of my  goals.  And that’s worth a lot.

Also, mindset seems to be key.  You can't dwell on getting up super early, or having your routine thrown off.  It used to be that if I woke up at 5am it became a badge, an excuse for the entire day to go right down the shitter.  Woe is me, not enough sleep, need more coffee.

Now I'm embracing the early wake up and I'm happy about it.  I do feel like I can get more done.  I'm also more responsible on the other end and going to bed earlier.

Read Part 2 now if you like!