Can a Mom have a Miracle Morning? Part 2


This is part 2 of a 4 part series about my attempt to incorporate the Miracle Morning routine into my life. You should read part 1 to see how the first week of implementing this routine went.  The underlying basis of the program is from a book by Hal Elrod, “The Miracle Morning”.  There is a set morning routine to help you “become the person you need to be to create everything you have ever wanted in your life.”  Sounds amazing, right?   I have taken on a 30 day challenge and will write about my experiences weekly.  Can a mom with young kids really have a miracle morning?

If you haven't read Part 1 , take a look.  Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, it was an eventful week.

Day 8 Last night we ordered Thai (my favorite!) since I didn't feel like cooking.  But unfortunately as I was going to bed, I didn’t feel so great. I was up for a bit of the night with a stomach ache, ahhhem, if you get what I’m saying.  I admit I was worried about how I would feel in the morning. 

I decided to set my alarm for half an hour later than usual since I didn't sleep well. When I got up, I felt ok.  A little off, but feeling better.  I was glad that I was able to get up and complete my Miracle Morning routine.

I am liking my new book, “Crush It”  It is a quick read, perfect for these short chunks of time.  

Day 9 Another Miracle Morning with no kids, and I’m starting to settle into the rhythm.  I’ve changed up my reading and journaling and they are both working well.  

I'm now writing in a physical  journal.  That ‘s right.  I’ve gone old school using pen and paper.  That way I don’t get distracted by the computer and websites/email/social media.  

Today my goal for the day was to publish my Miracle Morning post part one on my blog.  Since I was rather long winded, the editing was a large task to accomplish.  I hit publish/email/post as I was about to walk out the door to pick up a kid.  

Please excuse the errors that I’m sure there are in that post. But it was my one thing. I had to get it done.  I decided it was more important to pull the trigger than to be perfect.  I do hope you understand :)

The idea of declaring ONE item as the most important thing to accomplish that day is really motivating because it is achievable.

There have only been a handful of days that I don’t accomplish the stated goal.  I highly recommend it.

Day 10 A shift is happening that I’ve noticed the last couple of days.   I’m not as groggy when I wake up.  And I don’t get up begrudgingly like I used to, hitting the snooze 3-5 times.    

I don’t do the affirmations at night time because I forget.  I mean, come on, I can only adopt so many new habits at once! I think my mind has accepted that this is the new norm, so I  don’t fight it.

By committing on my blog to doing the 30 day challenge and writing about it, I have to follow through.  This is great incentive. There is definitely something about public declaration that helps achieve our goals.

Can I tell you, this feels great?

I really don’t mean to be one of those annoying people who is just so frickin' happy and positive, but… well, I am today.    Starting my day happy and alert is amazing.  I’m starting to get into this.

Another thing that I am doing is that I haven’t been drinking as much wine at night.  Often on week nights I would have a glass.  Not every night but some.  Sometimes wine can make me tired. Since waking up long before dawn makes me tired enough at night, I don't want any help putting me over the edge so I decide to pass on it.  

I didn’t set out saying I would drink less alcohol but this has been an unintended consequence.  Probably not a bad thing.  I will still enjoy a beverage, especially socially.  But I have definitely cut back on my regular consumption.  

Day 11 Today I woke up tired.  I guess super positive sally from yesterday decided to sleep in.  Well, you can’t win them all.  But I’m still up and doing it.

The nice thing seems to be that the kids have adjusted to daylight savings and aren’t waking up when I am.   That is amazingly helpful so that I actually have productive mornings.  

I did my routine today, but am still struggling with meditation and feel even more distracted with the visualizations.

Yesterday I felt awesome all day.  I was so in love with the Miracle Morning.  But today I was sort of  dragging.  This afternoon I got really tired.  I wish I had more coffee.  

Now here I am at 8:10pm and am ready to fall asleep.  I’m going to try to make it till 8:45  but my eyes keep trying to close on me and .…

Day 12 I get up early.  Not quite rejoicing about it, but i’m cool with it. I'm one of those people.  It doesn’t seem to change the rest of my day (except for the positives).

I typically stay up until about 10 which used to be the earliest I went to bed.  

Yesterday and today I skipped the reading portion.  I was able to go do some work this morning at a coffee shop for two hours before returning home and taking Ramona to school.  

This means that before taking her to school I’ve already done my MM routine (except exercise, do that after school drop off),  and I've gotten in TWO hours of work.  I mean really that is a good amount for me since right now I’m piecemealing everything.  A few hours here and there are about it.  

These hours I used to spend sleeping, showering and getting kids dressed before.  Now I'm working and my hubby is getting the kiddos ready for their days.  I’m coming in for the close.  A quick nurse for Sam and off to school for Ramona and then I head to work out.   

It felt great to get so much done before most people start their day.  I’m going to chat with him about doing it more next week.  It seems like a good time for one of us to squeeze more work hours in.

When you don’t have childcare for the infant, you have to get creative.   

Day 13

I’ve decided that on weekends I get to sleep in until 6am.  Weekdays I’ve shifted to 5am wake up and then I get an extra hours on the weekends. It was sort of weird though.  Today I woke up at 5:30.  Yes, I think my body is adjusting.  So crazy.  

If you told me a month ago I’d be willingly getting up around 5am I wouldn’t have believed. you.

Day 14

Well this was the LEAST productive morning I’ve had.  I set my alarm last night.  I didn’t wake up until a sweet little five year old crawled into bed at 6:20.  

Hmmm.  I looked at my alarm and realized the one I set was for “weekdays” at 6am.  This alarm on my phone is clearly too smart for me.

So after a few snuggles, I got up and romie joined me. I made her some tea (she has a bad cough, which is why she woke up).  And we went into the living room so I could begin my routine.

Shortly after some scattered meditation her brother joined us.  I thought, no worries, I got this.  I employed my trusted friend, the ipad, to help distract them while I finished my Miracle Morning routine.

That went well and helped for a few short minutes.  But then the arguing began over what show to watch.  Ugh.  For the love of god, be quiet and happy you’re watching a show! (They only get to watch shows on “S” days, luckily it was Sunday :).  

Well, needless to say the arguing continued.  I took away the i pad.  I had not focus.  I completed a half assed meditation and visualization and that was about it for this happy Sunday.  I tried.  

Well they had to make an appearance at least one morning this week.  

Week 2 Takeaways

  • I am easily distracted. I need to write out what I want to visualize.  Each day it is a little different and it is a place where my mind can quickly drift to other thoughts
  • Mediation is hard. I still need to look more into this to see what I can do to be more effective.  I’m trying, but it doesn’t seem to be clicking yet.  But I do believe that at some point it will and I’ll have some wicked “A Ha” moment of clarity.  And then I can stretch to 7 minutes ;)
  • Getting up so early isn’t so bad.  Adjusting to getting up earlier isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My body seems completely ok with it.  I really don’t feel like I’m getting that much less sleep.  I am going to bed earlier but most nights it is still around 10pm.  There were a few that were earlier, but overall it seems the same.  
  • The morning hours are some great alone time.  As a mom, it can be hard to find this.  Even in the evenings I share my childless solace with my husband.  But the mornings are mine. And i really love it, even if I have to share them occasionally with a waking child, it is ok.  I’ll take what I can get.  
  • I am really proud.  I feel like I’m doing this all for me, both personally and professionally.  It is something that most people won’t do.  It is hard.  It takes discipline.  And I am doing it.  I am proud of myself and that feels great.  
  • Self Help/Business Help Books are better.  I switched my reading and am loving it.   I find it is much easier to read a quick snippet of advice and then you think about how to implement it right away.  I don’t have to get entrenched in a story line, so it is a quick start and stop to it.   I am halfway through a book I’ve only been reading for a week.  
  • Physical Journaling is great.  As I said above, I am easily distracted.  I found that when I was journalling on the my computer I  would often check email/facebook/etc.   Writing in physical journal is more effective and I have nothing to be distracted about.  So if you, like me, are easily distracted, go the route of a physical journal.  
  • Roll with it.  Kids, hubbys, sickness.  Life is full of things to alter our routines.  We can have the best intentions but we have to be ok rolling with life as it comes.  We may have days that aren’t as intended but that is ok.  Start tomorrow fresh.  
  • Make it work for you.  Though there is a great structure laid out for the Miracle Morning routine, you still need to tweak and adjust it to what best suits your needs.  And in our case, the needs of our family.  I think next week I’ll really be feeling dialed in.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If Sam wakes up around my morning time.  I nurse him and put him back to sleep.  But if Sam isn’t tired, Jon gets him.  He knows this is really important to me.  He can get up with the kids as well.  Like my dad told Jon at our wedding “Happy Wife, Happy Life”  


Well, that wraps up week 2.  If you want to be the first to see part 3, sign up on the email list!

Have you ever done or thought of starting a Miracle Morning routine?    I'd love to hear about it in the comments!