10 Breakthrough Business Models

I was thrilled to co host one of my favorite podcasts, The Startup Sessions, with Micheal Knouse and dig into business models. 

I know - this sounds like a snoozer, but DON’T STOP READING, it really isn’t.  Intentionally choosing what type of business you’re building and growing is incredibly empowering.

Most of us hop into a business and the "model" just happens with little to no thought. Maybe I’m projecting since that was what I did originally. We go to what we know and what seems like a “logical” next step.  But learning and choosing strategically can help you create the business that is the most rewarding personally and financially.  

Whether you're just starting your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur this episode will give you some great tools.  The path of entrepreneurship is winding and often the model that fits us best may change as our lives change (think kids, spouses, moving, etc).  

The ten models we focus on are:

1) The Thought Leader
2) The Teacher
3) The Freelancer
4) The Agency
5) The Content Marketer
6) The Coach
7) The Maker
8) The Curator
9) The Systematic
10) The Brick and Mortar

There are pros and cons to each model (we go in depth in the podcast!).  And often one business can be a combination of a few models.  

I highly recommend that any business owner listens to this podcast and gives some real thought to what model they are currently in, as well as what model appeals to you as you grow.  

If you’re like me you might listen while driving, doing dishes or folding laundry (just kidding - I don’t fold laundry - ain't nobody got time for that!!)  However you fit podcasts into your crazy life - be sure to add this one to the list!

Cheers and let me know what model your business currently is and what model would you like it to evolve into.