10 Breakthrough Business Models

10 Breakthrough Business Models

I know - this sounds like a snoozer, but DON’T STOP READING, it really isn’t.  Intentionally choosing what type of business you’re building and growing is incredibly empowering.

Most of us hop into a business and the "model" just happens with little to no thought. Maybe I’m projecting since that was what I did originally. We go to what we know and what seems like a “logical” next step.  But learning and choosing strategically can help you create the business that is the most rewarding personally and financially.  

Whether you're just starting your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur this episode will give you some great tools.  The path of entrepreneurship is winding and often the model that fits us best may change as our lives change (think kids, spouses, moving, etc).  

The ten models we focus on are:

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Making the shift: From Workaholic to Creating Joy In Life

This summer I’ve earned the nickname “Camp Director Dani” from my husband.  As the days grow shorter the sense of urgency to pack in as much fun increases.  How many bodies of water can I find to explore, swim and paddleboard?  

There are berries to pick, concerts in the park and endless family bike rides that Must… Be… Taken… Do NOT waste a drop of that precious sunshine.

I’m exploring my new home in Oregon with the same curiosity and wonder as my children.  With every outing, I fall more in love with this beautiful region.  

This has been a summer like no other. 

The satisfaction of seeing my kids sleeping in the car as we head home from a day out is true parental satisfaction.  Almost makes me feel like I’m winning in this game of parenting. (only for a moment, until they wake up when we arrive home with their second wind.  Ugh)

You may be ready to punch me in the face with all the lovey dovey talk.  These things are the highlight reel. So much good stuff going on. But my reality is that I’m doing these adventures with my kiddos (7, 5 and 2). And that two year old, bless his heart, is giving me a run for my money.  So in addition to the blissful beach play there are tantrums, whining and sibling fights.

But overall I can’t deny that this summer has been pretty stellar.  

The truth is that I feel like I’m making up for lost time

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4 Steps to start Delegating Like a Badass

4 Steps to start Delegating Like a Badass

You will get to a point in your business (if you're not already there) where you physically can't do more work.  More customers want what you’ve got, and you don’t have the bandwidth to deliver! That means you can’t take their money!!! WTF! Emergency!!

Sweetie, sit down.  It’s time for us to have “the talk.”  

You need to stop doing everything yourself and start building a team that can help you take your business to the next level.  I know you’re nervous but we can do this together.  It will only hurt for a minute and you’ll feel so much better after.  There, there.  It's ok. You can do this.  

I talk with people all the time that are have trouble making the leap and bringing on their first person to help.  There are numerous reasons (or excuses) why delegating doesn’t work for you: you’re a perfectionist, you need to be in control, you have trust issues, and so many more.  

You’ll need to talk more to your therapist or life coach to really hash out those items.  You’re not alone, we’ve all got some sort of issue that makes this hard.    

BUT, Even with all that baggage, you can still improve your delegating skills and set yourself up for success to bring people onto your team and take your business to the next level.

If you are not intentional in bringing people into your team and delegating you often set them up to fail.  When they don’t do what you want them to, you fall back into the familiar cycle of "if I want it done right, I should do it myself."

But that is the WORST statement you can make if you want to grow your business.

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6 Abilities to Master to Take your Business to the next level - #1 Simplify

6 Abilities to Master to Take your Business to the next level - #1 Simplify

It sounds like a bit of a buzz word, but it is really important.  Businesses can get complex fast especially when they're growing.  

The best way to run and grow a business is to keep everything in the company as simple as possible.  

Simplify People
How many people need to work on a project and be aware of all the details?  The more people you involve the more complex it gets.  If you are clear on who is responsible for what it is much simpler.  Simplifying communication is much harder to do than making it complex.  

Simplify Products
When we have complex offerings we create complex businesses.  Can you explain what you offer quickly?  How fast can your target market understand what you do/offer?  Simplicity is powerful when connecting with your customers.

Simplify Messaging
When products and offerings are complex or too varied it is difficult to have clear and simple messaging and marketing.  Do you ever go to a restaurant that has a 10 page menu, plus daily and seasonal special? It can make the ordering process overwhelming and most likely you will walk away not knowing all that they offer.  

Of when you talk to a "marketing consultant"  and they offer copy writing, social media strategy, website design, PR help, oh and..... Yes - it is tough to know what they do and what they're good at when they do it all.  Most likely each person would have their own take on what services that person offers.   

Why I love to simplify.....

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Stillness In The Crazy

Stillness In The Crazy

Many of you know that I owned a coffee roaster, but most don't realized where I lived. 

I lived in Northern Wisconsin in a rural town on Lake Superior. The town I lived in had 2,000 people in it and my business was 15 miles away in a town of 600.

There wasn't a stop light in the ENTIRE COUNTY.

There was so much stillness all around me. 

I felt like I was going crazy. I started to crave living somewhere else. 

The funny thing is I had a lot of guilt wrapped up in that.

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My Top 3 Takeaways from my personal retreat and seeing Tony Robbins Live!

Last week I went on a 2 day personal retreat to the coast.  The next day I got to see Tony Robbins live!  Whew!  A week of reflection and inspriation.

Now to turn it all into action!

Here are my top three takeaways (plus a bonus one I couldn't leave out :) 

Thanks for watching!  

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When Loneliness Leads to Connection

When Loneliness Leads to Connection

Last week I wrote about how I had been in a slump, feeling lonely and isolated.   I shared the post with my list and on social media.  

Immediately the love and support started pouring in.  Messages were received from loved ones reaching out to check in, worried about me.  Friends and fellow entrepreneurs called, texted and emailed to connect, giving uplifting advice and empathetic virtual hugs.   

I was so touched and comforted by the support from everyone.  Thank you all.

The message that unfolded from those of you out there doing your heart centered hustling was loud and clear:  

You are not alone, I feel it too.  

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The Way Out of Loneliness

The Way Out of Loneliness

I’ve been in a funk for 3 weeks. Since my glass is usually half full, three weeks has felt like an eternity.   I could tell myself it is the record rainfall but I know it is something deeper.  Something inside of me is shifting.

There are big transitions in my life and business right now.  I’ve been doing a lot of work on both which is consuming energy both emotionally and physically.  And as I traverse the path to move forward I find myself feeling lonely.

This is the not-so-pretty side of entrepreneurship.  The loneliness and isolation that we can feel doing too many things on our own.  The feeling that everyone else has their shit together and I am the only one floundering. But I’ve been behind the curtain of enough businesses to know that that isn’t the case.  

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The #1 Thing You Can Do Each Day To Be More Productive

The #1 Thing You Can Do Each Day To Be More Productive

You sit down at your desk.
Slurp your coffee.
Take a deep breath and open your computer.

Now what?

Maybe you check your email, facebook, or look at your to do list.  All of a sudden an hour has gone by.  

Shit.  What did you just do the last hour?  

I struggled with this for a long time.  I ended many days thinking "What the hell, I don't even know what I didi today." 

Somewhere along the way, I read about the following technique.  I started using it and have had many of my clients use it as well.  I've seen huge return from this tweak in my day.

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4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Climb Out of the Political Hole of Despair

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Climb Out of the Political Hole of Despair

I had a coaching call this morning with a client and before we even started, she stopped me.  “I haven’t gotten anything done.  I’ve been so consumed by current political events that haven’t even looked at what I was supposed to do for this week”

I know many of my clients and friends are feeling this way.  Each headline feels worse than the one before.  The first week of this administration in power has been crushing.  It is easy to slide into the black hole of despair.  

I’ve personally never felt so scared in my life thinking of the potential long term ramifications of this administration could have.  Rights I never thought would come into question I now fear losing.  

Much of this is not new and has been building since the election, but reality is slapping us all in the face.

As entrepreneurs how do we remain productive and effective and still honor the part of us drawn into action without being crippled by fear and sadness?

We don’t have a boss holding our feet to the fire on projects.  We have to use our own motivation, systems and support networks to keep us moving forward and working towards our goals.  

In today’s session with my client we came up with some action steps to move forward and have a more productive week.   

Here are four tips to make sure the coming week, month, and year are effective for your business while allowing you the space to be part of the solution.

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What the hell is a Facebook Pixel and why do I need it?

What the hell is a Facebook Pixel and why do I need it?

Last week had a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur about the effectiveness of Facebook ads.  I asked her if she had a facebook targeting pixel installed on her site (I said it as though I’m some tech expert, Ha!).   She looked at me and said “What the hell is that?”

Luckily I have an awesome husband who gave me the pro tip that I should install this "thingy" (my technical term for it) on my site.  Here is how it works.


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What’s your favorite flavor of sh*t sandwich?

What’s your favorite flavor of sh*t sandwich?

I just finished listening to Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Did you hear me right?
I FINISHED A BOOK!!  This may be a run of the mill statement for you but this was a huge accomplishment for me. I’m the girl who’s had the same book sitting by my bed for six months.  

I’ve been in a book funk for about…. um, 6 years.  (That time frame seems to coincide with the age of my oldest child.)  

It's not that I haven't read any books in the last 6 years but the quantity has been pitiful.  I’m embarrassed about it. When current reading lists rise to the top of a group discussion, I go quiet.  I look around with adoration and hang on their words, living vicariously through them.   

I long to read more. Time seems to always be filled by something else (often the kids or sleep).  

But, I had a nice breakthrough. I was getting bored with the podcasts I usually listen to, so I checked out a few audio books from the library.

And guess what happened?  I listened to TWO books this past week.  No joke.  Any moments I’ve had to myself I’ve been listening.  Cooking, folding laundry, grocery shopping, driving, you name it and the words have been flowing.  

Big Magic as been amazing.  It is a beautiful conversation where creativity and reality collide.  She pulls the concept of creativity down from the clouds and gets real about incorporating it into your life. Her discussion of a “shit sandwich” completely resonated with me.  

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“What’s your favorite flavor of shit sandwich?” What Manson means is that every single pursuit—no matter how wonderful and exciting and glamorous it may initially seem—comes with its own brand of shit sandwich, its own lousy side effects. As Manson writes with profound wisdom: 

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What I learned from talking with over 20 Craft Producers: Part 1 Infancy

The past few months I've been interviewing various craft producers. Think chocolatiers, coffee roasters, brewers and other specialty food products - essentially where the majority of my disposable income goes.

I've decided to focus on serving this group with my coaching.  I wanted to dig deep and learn more about where each business is at and what challenges they face.  I have my own experience of owning a cafe and coffee roaster for eight years but I wanted to learn about other's challenges.

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Does your Business Value your happiness

I was having a breakfast meeting with some fellow entrepreneurs this morning at a sweet breakfast spot in my neighborhood.  My friend looked around and said, "it is so busy in here at 10am, doesn't anyone in this town work!?"

We laughed because we were working sort of, but it was no power breakfast.  I glanced around and it was a mixture of people on a casual Tuesday morning.  

This is so typical of Portland.  

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