I know you’re crazy busy so thanks for stopping by.  

I have been in your shoes. I owned a sweet little coffee shop and turned it into a regional coffee roaster that generated revenue in the high six figures.  

I started out being the barista and grew to managing as many as 20 employees.

I’ve been the manager, barista, baker, cook, created an online division, led renovations, been the sales rep, marketing director, and visionary extraordinaire. 

I get $h*! done.

While I was growing this business I also started my family and now have three kids under 6 (note to self, need updated family photo).  I have been juggling family and business ever since. 

I successfully sold that business and started this new business.

I teach people how to get things done.  Declare the vision of the company you want and then I'll teach you how to get it.  I’m here to save you time and money  and create the business you want. 

What do others say about working with me?!

"Working with Dani, has jumpstarted so much growth and change in my work. In just a few short months, I have completed projects that I have been meaning to get to for years. Dani's coaching sessions have exponentially increased my clarity about WHAT I want to do, and WHY, and are giving me the tools to DO it. Her results-based coaching, focused on action and next steps, sets her apart from other coaches I have worked with. In Dani, I don't just have a cheerleader, I truly have a coach." -Melissa W.  

"Dani is the perfect mix of smarts and sass. She has real experience running (and selling!) a successful business. She asks the hard questions that are easier to avoid. Her business tools are now a daily part of how I operate my business helping me to streamline, prioritize and return to why I'm self-employed: to own a business, not be owned BY A BUSINESS."  -Charmaine S.  The Spot Wellness

"Danielle is an amazing coach. Very encouraging and comes up with new strategies that work! Danielle was able to help me create a clear plan and has provided me with the right tools that are specific to my needs.  Danielle is a godsend, and has helped me find clarity with an intention in my business.  Everyone should have a coach like Danielle!"    -Allison P.  Pure Energy Wellness

"Danielle helped me discover my "wow" moment, literally just after my first meeting, I had such an amazing sense of excitement and revived drive to launch my business into the next level. Her clear, calm, and compassionate approach made it feel safe to challenge myself with those tough business questions, and the tools she provided gave me very simple and mindful ways to clear out the rubble of fear and get down to the goods of what I desire out of my business....she is a powerhouse that all women need in their lives!"  -Darcy S. Nourish Love Grow

5 Crazy facts you’re *dying* to know about me

  1. I love word combining - I think I'm so funny when I use these made up words.  So dorky.
  2. I express my creativity with food and cocktails. Unless I’m tired.  Then I love to eat out and drink great beer and wine.  
  3. I’ve given up craft projects (and all the items I was intending to use being crafty).  At this point in my life, 3 kids under 6 and a running a business is keeping me busy enough.
  4. I can’t be friends with people who don’t laugh. 'Cuz I’m funny. And so is life.
  5. I was on a water ski team for a few summers growing up.  Yep, in the pyramid and ballet line.....  There are pictures to prove it.  

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