Why do I work with Parent Entrepreneurs?

I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and the past three years I have focused on creating a life and business that fulfills me on three levels.

As a Parent (Yes, I have three kids under the age of 7)
As a Person (Yes, I have my own identity, not just a wife, mom, business owner)
As an Entrepreneur (I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Through this journey I've attended many workshops.  Worked with many other coaches and been part of various group programs.  I started noticing that most of the people around either didn't have kids, or their kids were much older than mine.  

Often the struggles and challenges I had at home were very different that the lives of the others around me.  By "day" we were all growing our businesses and learning more, but instead of happy hours and nice dinner out, my evenings consisted of early dinners (that were not culinary delights), reading books, swim lessons, and bedtime routines.  I started to feel supported in a business sense, but not so much in regard to the challenges in my life.  

Our personal and business lives are very intertwined.  We can’t compartmentalize and separate the two.  

What would happen if we only focused in one area?

What if we achieve all our business goals,
only to look up and realize
it was at the expense of our happiness?

It’s awful.

I know, because I did that.  

When I owned and ran my cafe and coffee roaster I was all hustle.  I thought the only way forward was to work more, work harder.  Three years into owning the business we had our daughter and adding on this new role really threw me for a loop.  

I loved being a mom but I also loved my business.  I struggled to find ways to work and often felt like I was failing on all fronts.    

I wasn’t very happy personally.  I had set lofty business goals and figured that once I reached them, that was the promised land.  All would be good, finally if I only had....   

We did grow the business and reach those big goals. We had over 20 employees. We could take time away while our business ran.  We had created a well oiled machine.  But I looked around and found I wasn’t happy.   

I realized that I was so busy building my business that I didn’t check in with myself and really ask - is the business you’re building going to support the life you want?

So we made some big changes as a family.  We listened to our hearts and sold that business, moved across the country and started new businesses that aligned with the goals we have as a family.  


My husband owns a software company, RoasterTools.  They help coffee roasters (of course!) streamline the production and sales process.  

And here I am, a business coach and strategist, helping parent entrepreneurs grow their business in a way that is aligned with their personal and family goals.  

I will always bring empathy and compassion to the table alongside the systems and structure to get you where you want to go.  Or as I like to say, Nuts and Bolts with Hearts and Hugs ;)

Whatever your stage or type of business, know that you are not alone in the world.  And you can do this.  

I know your time is so very precious so thank you for reading all the way to the bottom.  
You’re the best :)


5 Crazy facts you’re *dying* to know about me

  1. I love word combining - I think I'm so funny when I use these made up words.  So dorky.
  2. I express my creativity with food and cocktails. Unless I’m tired.  Then I love to eat out and drink great beer and wine.  
  3. I’ve given up craft projects (and all the items I was intending to use being crafty).  At this point in my life, 3 kids under 7 and  running a business is keeping me busy enough.
  4. I can’t be friends with people who don’t laugh. 'Cuz I’m funny. And so is life.
  5. I was on a water ski team for a few summers growing up.  Yep, in the pyramid and ballet line.....  There are pictures to prove it.