I help founders and teams
reach their BIG Goals 

It can be lonely at the top.  Your world is full of excitement,
big dreams, worry and overwhelm.   

You don't have to do it alone. 

I can help you grow your business to achieve your big goals,
either by working one on one or by working with your team. 

1-on-1 Coaching

You're needing support from someone who's been in your shoes.  I'll help you create a clear vision of where you want to go, layout the strategy to get get you there and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.  I'm nuts and bolts and hearts and hugs.  Cuz sometimes you need a little bit of both to keep on going. 

Team Consulting

Sometimes managing staff can feel like parenting more kids.  I promise we can shift them from unruly teenager to contributing adult children.  (Hint, it's all in the parenting).  I love working with teams to create a shared vision and teaching them the structure to achieve their goals.  You'll become a better manager and leader in the end. 

Featured In...


“ Working with Danielle has really helped me create a more profitable company by cutting my costs by 30% and streamlining my operations. The best part is I am less stressed and more focused.”

-Jenn D. 
JLDesigns Inc. - Appareal Manufacturing





"Having Danielle facilitate our Annual Planning session was amazing.  I don’t want to have it any other way moving forward.  It gave me the ability to sit back and watch the employees engage.  Being able to let someone take charge helped us all keep on track and move the day forward.  I would not have been able to do that - would have just been an all day "in the weeds" meeting.

Having her there gave me the freedom to watch the team engage and gave them more freedom to voice their opinion.

Including the team in the planning session was powerful - this is what is going to take the business to the next level. "

-John Duley
Sleep Metrics

"Danielle is the real deal. With her firsthand experience in being a business owner, I felt an inherent trust in her guidance with my business. Danielle is a visionary, strategic expert, and leads in a warm, fun and enjoyable way. She has a contagious joy, and offers strategic simplicity with the backbone of accountability.”

Jennifer Alyse, Photographer and Entrepreneur