Building a great business is only PART of the plan.

You thought growing a business and raising a family at the same time was a good idea.  Me too.  

Welcome to the crazy club.  Wimps need not apply.  

Here, we're all a little bit crazy, I'll call it our competitive advantage.  It's great to know we're not alone. Building a great business is part of the plan, but so is creating a lifestyle that fulfills you and your family. 

I live in a two entrepreneur household with three kids under the age of seven. It's organized chaos. 

Let’s talk about the whole picture of your beautiful, messy life.

(Notice outdated cover photo up top - child #3 was still in my belly, but you get it - who can remember to get family photos every year when you've got a business to grow! ) 

Looking for Community? 

Growing a business and a family at the same time can feel isolating. Are you the only entrepreneur who deals with school schedules, sick kids and constantly interupted sleep?! You've found your people. We share your challenges. Welcome to the the club.  

Need focused attention?

Time is not something you have in excess.  So lets not waste it.  When is the last time you focused only on you? Your growth, your business, what you need?  Lets reduce stress, get time back and become happier all while growing your business. 

Clarity for  team?

So you've got a team working with you.  Nice work.  It takes a lot to get here. Sometimes managing staff can feel like parenting more kids.  I promise we can shift them from unruly teenager to contributing adult children you can have a drink with.   Let's get your team to share in your vision and rowing in the same direction.  

Featured In...

“ Working with Danielle has really helped me create a more profitable company, and the best part is I am less stressed and more focused.”

-Jenn D. 
JLDesigns Inc.




Danielle Ewalt is the real deal. With her firsthand experience in being a business owner, I felt an inherent trust in her guidance with my business. Danielle is a visionary, strategic expert, and leads in a warm, fun and enjoyable way. She has a contagious joy, and offers strategic simplicity with the backbone of accountability.”
— Jennifer Alyse, Photographer and Entrepreneur